Machine Operator (Posted July 16, 2020)

Job Description

Job Duties:

  • Operate Mask Machine

  • Maintain and monitor machine to make sure it functions properly

  • Understanding of how operated machine works

  • Conduct quality checks periodically

  • Verify adequate materials and supplies are available to complete operations as needed

  • Analyze machine operations and output if applicable

  • Adjust machine as needed for changeovers, different functions, or other varying needs of production


The Ideal Candidate Should Have the Ability to:

  • Work in teams and with cross-functional departments

  • Communicate with team members and members of management, verbally and/or in writing when necessary

  • Work reasonable overtime, evenings, and weekends as needed

  • Read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions and procedure manuals

  • Wear all required PPE for the task being performed, such as safety glasses and ear plugs.


Physical Abilities:

  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs. with or without manual or mechanical assistance

  • The ability to coordinate two or more limbs (for example: two arms, two legs, or one leg or one arm) while sitting, standing, and walking throughout the shift

  • Able to choose quickly between two or more movements in response to two or more different signals (lights, sounds, pictures). It includes the speed, with which the correct response is started with the hand, foot or other body part

  • Able to stand 8-10 hours per day if applicable

  • Able to work at or near running machines

  • Able to walk a long distance in workplace

  • Able to work under pressure( very important)


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