We've got America covered!

  • Medical-grade surgical and protective face masks are designed, developed and produced end-to-end in America (Lincolnton, NC).

  • 20 fully-automated assembly lines can produce thousands of masks per minute.

  • Vertically integrated factory takes raw polypropylene and transforms it into surgical and protective face masks in seconds.

  • Our most important and strategic supply chains are controlled by China, which leaves us powerless and vulnerable in a crisis.

  • Ever increasing prices are fueling production and sales of dangerous counterfeit products.

  • Americans are tired of relying on other countries for PPE as the current crisis is putting everyone at risk.



  • We occupy a 120,000 sq ft facility in Lincolnton, NC that is already producing volumes of masks and will scale to millions. Our masks can be made for nearly the same price as those made in China. America should not have to choose between quality and price in a time of need.

  • We have two (2) melt-blown fabric machines in-house. Melt-blown fabric is the center layer of each mask and is what provides filtration. Many manufacturers were hindered during the height of the pandemic as they rely on sourcing from overseas. 


  • We combined automation, vertical integration and American ingenuity to solve the problem.


It is our desire to make Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) accessible and effective through our quality manufacturing in the USA, while strengthening our economy through the creation of jobs and production of goods. "Made in the USA" means something to us. If you have the need, we have the capacity to fulfill it.